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Here at Toby Creative our developers and project management staff have a great deal of experience working with complicated, specific and unique web application projects. Perhaps you need a portal for staff, an online learning platform, or an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that out of the box solutions cannot supply.

We’ll work with you to determine exactly what your requirements are, who’s going to be using the software, what they need it to do, what they should and should not have access to. From there we’ll produce a slick mobile responsive design to integrate all these features and build out a functional prototype of the system before stringent testing takes place. After we’ve sorted out any missing use cases or issues, we’ll finalise the design and put it live.

All our custom web application solutions are provided with tailored user manuals, with sections for each level of user including the end users and the administrators. We’re also able to continually expand upon the functionality and features of our applications as and when new requirements are identified and can do so either at a standard hourly rate or on an upgrade plan depending on your needs.


As with our standard websites, we use WordPress as the basis for our web applications. WordPress uses MySQL databases to store its data, and PHP for its code. Just like a stand-alone PHP and MySQL web application, we have the same functionality with the added flexibility of being able to utilise the plugins that WordPress offers. We can easily add tables, charts, user input, custom dashboards, news feeds and login portals. Along with this, we can build the application in to your existing WordPress website, or if you don’t have one, we can build a website around the web application.

Our Clients

Toby Creative has built custom web applications for mining, medical education, uniform suppliers and many more. We take the time to understand your processes, requirements and the technical abilities of the users of the system to build applications that are intuitive, powerful and cost effective.


Web applications are essentially websites, but what sets them apart is there ability to store, present and manipulate information in a way that was previously available only on desktop programs. Information is stored on our secure servers, and clever programming means that multiple users cannot overwrite each other’s edits while working on the same data. We can replace your existing excel spreadsheet, or paper based solutions for tracking people, products or services.

Some of the features we can provide include:

  • csv import/export. This allows you to import and export data as spreadsheets
  • Graphs, charts, custom reports.
  • Export reports to PDF
  • Email notifications
  • Data input forms
  • User and data segregation. Multiple user types (staff, admin, accounts etc.) as well as multiple companies with multiple user types for each.
  • Multi-step signup processes. Approval by HR users by email, bulk approvals, approval codes.
  • Import from existing software solutions. Custom built data transformer applications to take your existing solutions data output and transform it into data that can be uploaded to our solution. This is great for changing from existing long-term solutions that have vast amounts of data.
  • Custom user manuals. If your clients require individually tailored user manuals, we can produce these too.
  • Purchasing and payment gateways.

The next step

You’re ready to leave your glitchy, unsupported, or messy paper/excel based solution behind and move into the world of the cloud. Or maybe you’re just starting out and want to do it right. We can help.

Give us a call on 0412 622 262 to set an appointment or have a chat about your requirements or fill in the form below to receive a no obligations free estimate**. To help us determine an accurate figure we’ll give you a call to confirm your requirements.

** Available to businesses in Western Australia only.


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