Nov 16, 2017

Managing Online Reviews of Your Business

Ignore at your peril – understanding the impact of your customer service model Consumers look for social media signals and trusted external third-party review sites to provide insights before engaging with a new business or committing to a contract or purchase. Businesses need to consider how their reviews for their products and service appear online, […]

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Nov 3, 2017

SEO tips for optimising your images for search engines

Drive more traffic using Google Image Search SEO strategy A picture conveys a thousand words, as the saying goes, and quickly provides context or information visually to the website visitor scanning your website or blog. For time sensitive web users, quick visual scanning of the webpage commonly guides the user down and through the page […]

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Oct 23, 2017

The Lifecycle of your Business Photos

Our guest blogger this week on the Toby Creative Perth Marketing Blog is the lovely Pille Repnau a local Perth photographer from Perth Personality Photographer. Pille shares in this article her insight into understanding the lifecycle of your business photos, and the benefits in refreshing your photography regularly for your website, social media and profile […]

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Oct 19, 2017

The Importance of an Email Signature

As a person, you have a name – this helps to identify you from everyone else. As a brand, you have a business name and image which you want to resonate with your intended audience and for it to stick and be remembered when someone else wants your service. Identification, Recognition, Interaction. There are many […]

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Oct 13, 2017

Understanding Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Website analytics provide the statistical data for you to interpret the performance of your online business, establishing bench marks, and measurement of campaigns or work performed to improve the visibility, engagement and conversions for your online website. Google Tag Manager (GTM) makes it quick and easy to deploy and update measurement tags, including Google Analytics, […]

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Oct 12, 2017

List of HTTP Status Codes

As a part of the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) 0.9 specifications, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) established HTTP status codes in 1992. Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the web and the first web browser in 1990, defined the status codes. The following table provides a brief overview of HTTP response status codes. The first digit [...]

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Oct 4, 2017

Mistakes Happen – Capturing Lost Traffic From 404 ‘Page Not Found’ Errors

Oops, you just received a 404 Error You may have previously experienced the ominous 404 error if you visited a page of a website that has been moved, deleted or renamed, or if you typed in part of the web site URL incorrectly or even clicked on a broken link that hasn’t been updated on […]

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Sep 14, 2017

Google My Business Free Google Website Builder

Get Your Free Business Listing on Google through Google My Business As part of your local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy, every Perth business should ensure that they have taken full advantage of the various free business listing services included by major online search presences Google Maps, Bing Places and Apple Maps at the very […]

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Sep 7, 2017

Have you planned for the Facebook profile picture change?

Starting from September, the shape of your Facebook Business Page’s profile picture will change from square to circular in News Feed and on your Page’s timeline. The larger profile version in your Page’s cover area will remain square. Facebook is rolling this update out over the next few weeks. Do you need help to present […]

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Aug 30, 2017

Is your business listed for local map search sites? Our SEO plans do

While driving in the car I rely on Google Maps to deliver turn-by-turn directions to my next meeting location, usually a business I haven’t visited before. Local Map Search Google Maps provides route options and time to location. With that business listed on Google My Business it also knows the opening hours and if I […]

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