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Wanting to sell your product online and don’t know where to start?

When it comes to e-Commerce websites, we have solutions to fit all budgets and business types. From simple single product websites (books etc.) to multi-category online shopping platforms (pet supplies, clothing, art, jewellery), for low cost items and high cost items alike we can create solutions that are simple to use (for both our clients and their customers), trackable, secure and beautiful.

As to which solution you chose to use, or we recommend, it will depend on what you are comfortable with, your budget, the size of your store, the functionality you require and your business goals. WooCommerce is our most popular choice, as we can integrate it with an existing WordPress website, or build it in to a new WordPress website. BigCommerce can also be used alongside existing websites or replace the websites entirely however all these solutions have advantages and disadvantages so it’s worth considering all the options before jumping to a conclusion.

SSL certificates are a must for all e-Commerce websites, and many payment gateways will not even function without this in place. Having an e-Commerce website without SSL will see a major loss in organic search traffic as search engines place a heavy value on security when payments and personally identifiable information are involved. While these certificates come as default with BigCommerce, they must be purchased separately for WooCommerce.

You can find out more about SSL Certificates on our Hosting Page


As mentioned above, WooCommerce is our most popular choice when it comes to e-Commerce platforms. Being integrated with WordPress allows us to add it to an existing WordPress website, or build it in to a new project while keeping a consistent design. WooCommerce is applicable to single product sales, multi-category and multi-product stores and is highly scalable. WooCommerce does not have an ongoing monthly fee like BigCommerce or Shopify, so hosting costs fall within the standard website hosting.

Here are some of the features we can utilise with WooCommerce:

  • Category and custom sorting (price, size, date, make, model etc.)
  • Payment gateway integration (PayPal, ANZ, WestPac, stripe, amazon pay, square etc.)
  • Synchronisation and integration with eBay, Amazon and Facebook stores
  • Inventory control
  • Sale pricing, prescheduled sales periods, limited sales runs
  • Abandoned cart emails and MailChimp integration
  • Multi-price for wholesale and retail stores utilising single product listings
  • Integration with MYOB and Xero (depends on version of MYOB/Xero being used)
  • CSV Import/Export for easy management of large product lists
  • SEO fields for products easily editable

BigCommerce is another popular choice for e-Commerce websites, and one that our staff are very familiar with. BigCommerce is a solution we’d generally only recommend to businesses with a high turn-over, or very specific functionality requirements.

There are a couple of different ways we can implement BigCommerce stores, firstly, we can create an entire website using BigCommerce as a CMS (in place of WordPress) so all website content including that outside the store is managed on the BigCommerce platform. Secondly, we can have the store separate from the rest of the website using a subdomain (i.e. shop.tobycreative.com.au) and match the style between the two websites for consistency of branding and user experience.

BigCommerce does come with a monthly cost associated, as a BigCommerce partner company we can negotiate rates not available to the public. But these will depend on the size of the website, the estimated sales and several other factors.

Here are some of the features we can utilise with BigCommerce:

  • Category and custom sorting (price, size, date, make, model etc.)
  • Payment gateway integration (PayPal, Stripe, ApplePay, ANZ, Pay with Amazon etc.)
  • Synchronisation with eBay, Amazon, Pinterest and Facebook
  • Inventory control
  • Detailed sales metrics, funnels, acquisition channels, most profitable products etc.
  • Conversion rate optimisers (detect user leaving page notifications, fear of missing out pop-ups, abandoned cart saver etc.)
  • Integration with Google shopping and product SEO fields
  • Product importation by CSV or from existing e-Commerce platforms
  • 99.99% average uptime over the past three years
  • Ensured PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance for building and maintaining customer trust
  • Ability to sell globally

So you’re ready to sell your products online

The team at Toby Creative are available to talk through your requirements over a cup of your favourite caffeinated beverage (or water if you prefer), you’ll be dealing with staff that have a solid understanding of online sales, design, copywriting, SEO and security, not just sales staff!

Give us a call on 0412 622 262 to set an appointment or have a chat about your goals, or fill in the form below to receive a no obligations free website concept design and quote**. To help us create the most applicable design and get your attention, we’ll give you a call to confirm your requirements and the sort of designs you like.

** Available to businesses in Western Australia only.

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