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Standard or EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificates

Perth website management company Toby Creative – Branding & Marketing, provides SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate Registration of Standard SSL and EV (Extended Validation) SSLs (also referred to as a “digital certificate”) for websites, as well as website hosting, and domain management services. Toby Creative is the efficient and cost-effective choice for SSL certificate management – making your website secure with HTTPS. Contact us today to get the green URL bar in https mode for your website. Standard SSL certificate registration is only $80 ex GST per annum. Extended Validation (EV SSL) certificate registration is $400 ex GST per annum.

Toby Creative provides affordable SSL certificate registration services for Standard and EV SSLs.

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organisation’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock icon in the URL address bar and the HTTPS protocol (over port 443) and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

Why you need a SSL certificate for your website

If you accept credit card information or other personally identifiable information (PII), then you definitely need an SSL certificate to secure the credit card and personal data as it is transferred. Create online trust by providing privacy and security for your website visitors with an SSL certificate from Toby Creative.

The SEO benefits of an SSL certificate for your website

We have known that websites that had previously migrated to HTTPS with an SSL certificate would get Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits, leading to preferred ranking results within the SERPs. As of October 2017, Google Chrome web browser now flags any form data on a website as insecure if it hasn’t been protected by an SSL certificate. This obvious indication may deter website visitors from engaging or submitting their data in ANY type of form submission process and instead abandoning your website to visit a competitor site.

How we create a Secure Connection using SSL

SSL is the industry standard security technology for establishing an encrypted website link. The SSL process, which is invisible to the web-user is called the “SSL handshake” creates a secure connection between a web server and the user’s web browser. Three keys are used to create a symmetric session key, which is then used to encrypt all data whilst in-transit. Firstly the web server sends a copy of its asymmetric public key to browser. Then the web browser creates a symmetric session key and encrypts it with the server’s assymmetric public key which it then sends through to the web server. The web server decrypts the encrypted session key using its asymmetric private key to get the symmetric session key. Finally, the web server and web browser now encrypt and decrypt all transmitted data with the symmetric session key. A session key is only used for that specific ‘session’.

What are the difference between EV SSL and Standard SSL Certificates?

The Extended Validation (EV SSL) Certificates offer a green URL address bar in the web browser that the customers see when they visit the page. In order for a business owner to acquire the green address bar, a more stringent validation process must be performed and satisfactorily passed. While both EV SSL and standard SSL certificates encrypt the information being transferred from the businesses server to the end users browsers, they require completely different levels of business identity authentication. The different levels of authentication that are offered will also result in different impacts upon the customer’s confidence. Having a clear visual signal – the change in colour of the address bar to green – is a clear signal that draw attention to the consumer.

The Toby Creative Difference:

  • Highly experienced local Perth IT team working on your project.
  • Cost effective SSL certificate registration.
  • Reliable and efficient SSL certificate renewal process.
  • Complete website SSL certificate management solutions for your business.
  • Start with a no obligation, free initial consultation.
  • Phone 0412 622 262 for more information.

Toby Creative – Branding & Marketing is a; Google Partner, Google Adwords Certified Agency, HootSuite Solutions Provider, MailChimp Expert Company.

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Product Name: SSL Certificates
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Price: Starting from AUD $80 ex GST per annum
Availability: Immediate Start

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