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Perth business owners benefit from local Perth business networking groups which provide a positive, supportive, and structured networking environment to facilitate the development and exchange of quality business referrals. Build personal and professional relationships with other qualified local Perth WA business professionals in your own area.

List of local Perth business network groups:

Each year many local business networking groups also run business awards nights to highlight the achievements of their members in a range of categories, and provide an opportunity to showcase their members providing some additional publicity and traffic.

Find out how your brand can participate in local Perth, WA state and national award programs in our blog about Perth Business Awards Applications. The Public Relations opportunities for your brand that originate from being nominated in an award through to winning the award, can be the basis for local articles about your business, mentions on TV and radio, and brand references and links on the Award website and their own marketing collateral including social media creating additional exposure and brand mentions.

Keep your eye out and plan for these opportunities as part of your annual marketing activities. Prepare your submissions carefully to maximise your potential to be noticed and answer the award criteria fully and submit on-time.

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