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It is rare for a domain name to be chosen with an approach that will truly benefit a brand or company.

There are now many online marketing channels available to promote a brand or a company, and a consistent brand naming strategy will provide great benefits, optimising the experience of the consumer as they interact with your company online. This goes beyond the website – encouraging likely customers towards further discovery, connection and then engagement on Facebook, Twitter and wherever the consumer likes to spend their time online.

As many consumers are on multiple social media channels, brands need to make it easy for the consumer to find and follow on their favourites, and that will provide good support for a well-managed social sales process. This is particularly true because social media builds trust signals which promote loyalty, and because it often produces positive reviews of a business or service.

The social signals are also very beneficial for the success of an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plan as they help website owners to include social bookmarking and social share icons with their website content to stimulate these additional connections.

Starting with your domain name, the URL plays a significant role when it comes to search engine optimisation. This is the destination where your online visitors will find your content, contact details and brand channels to remain sticky to your company during their research phase, or for continued recurring engagement post-purchase.

Though ‘exact match domains’ (EMD) which precisely match a search query and would likely drive traffic to your website were popular for a period, as they continued rich keywords about the business services you may supply, they were also misused, as many things online can be, and subsequently Google rolled out an algorithm update to penalise low-quality exact match domains, causing many exact match domains with spammy SEO content to drop in their ranking within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Most domain names from legitimate businesses in 2017 will take its name from the brand name itself, with perhaps a single keyword they may hope to rank for added as a prefix or suffix in your domain name which will be considered ‘partial match’. With any domain, it is important to have quality content throughout your website, and to engage a knowledgeable local Perth SEO company such as Toby Creative to build trustworthy website architecture, trusted backlinks and other current white-hat SEO best practice methodologies.

When considering which keywords to include as part of your business name and subsequently domain name, take time to brainstorm ideas and review the available data. Toby Creative assists start-up businesses with this process, utilising data from consumer search trends, social media, historical trends regionally and globally, as well as competitor analysis with business registration data to advise your company on the most appropriate and consistent naming architecture for your new business venture.

It is important to be unique, to be your brand. Making your business name and your domain name stand out is extremely important for you and your intended consumer group. Avoid brand confusion or conflict with a domain that resembles another popular brand for your primary business activities. This however may be a consideration for alternative and additional online domain purchases as part of your competitor actions. Businesses in 2017 need to be very mindful of negative SEO activities being performed by their competitors and be prepared for how to combat or mitigate this. As part of your brand protection you may choose to register very similar spelling/sounding domain names, common typos error variations (which can be used to redirect traffic back to your primary website), and secure domains across multiple important ccTLDs – Country Code Top Level Domains. With voice activation and the IOT (Internet Of Things), the spoken word can be interpreted many ways, and this can impact on how your business name/domain name is spoken, particularly with multicultural linguistic interpretation.

It has been my experience in over twenty-five years of marketing, that most businesses do not plan for growth. The benefit of having been through this business development learning curve developing local businesses into national and international successes, has meant that we don’t reinvent the wheel, but start with a solid foundation and structure so that a business will be able to scale and has made informed decisions about business names, domain names and social media names, IP, Trade Marks and the necessary registrations and protections that sets the business up for this growth and preparation, without having to go through unnecessary rebrands and name changes which can have significant impact on SEO performance and consumer brand relationship.

Secure a .com domain name. For global companies, and long-term brand growth, there is still nothing better than using a .com TLD. At the same time, also secure your key regional ccTLD. In Australia this is the .com.au domain extension. What other regions do you plan to operate in?…

Avoid complexity in your domain name. Complexity can be due to length, or the spelling. So shorter is still going to be preferred as consumers are lazy, but you also don’t want excessively long and unwieldy URLs that wrap in content blocks. At the same time, be cautious of abbreviations through acronyms, as you now need to consider what that combination of letters makes, and which other brands may already be using these as part of their own business marketing activities, particularly across social media or with #hashtags.

Before committing to registering that new domain name, ensure you have checked the consistency of the naming convention across social media to see if there are any conflicts there, for when you want to register each key social media channel to secure your brand in all these areas.

Need assistance with your domain management and domain name registration? Toby Creative are here to help, starting with strategy and brand discussion, through research and competitor review, then registering and ongoing affordable domain renewal management. Call us today to discuss on 0412 622 262

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  • Matt - November 2, 2017 at 8:51 am

    Multiple domain name registration strategy and management can be very beneficial for a brand. Firstly securing and protecting the brand interest, to avoid cyber-squatters and protect the reputation management of the company. Shortened URL versions can be cleverly used particularly in social media as URL shortened links that are unique to your brand. Local SEO benefits exist by using domains of a ccTLD (country-code) to improve local Google search relative to that country. Establishing multiple websites, particular around focus themes can enable a business to increase their online footprint for focus areas and test and measure interest.

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