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Free 2018 Marketing Resources Perth

Reflect on 2017 – React Now

Prepare your Marketing with these FREE Marketing Resources

You are going to love these superb, free marketing resources, from Toby Creative – Branding & Marketing, to make planning your marketing strategy and content in a breeze! Firstly, they are free; no cost, no expectation, no hoop to jump through. Just click on the links provided, download directly and use. We’ve done all the work, so you don’t have to!

Resource #1

Download TemplateMarketing Budget Spreadsheet Template


Plan your marketing expenses allocation for all your marketing campaigns, activities, third-party providers, subscriptions and resources, month-by-month, with separation between online and offline marketing campaigns. Automatically tally up marketing costs per month that you apply, and for the year. Consider the large range of marketing activity suggestions to test-and-measure, and carefully allocate your monthly budget between. This is a structured template for monthly and annual marketing budget planning and preparation, for approval, sign-off and tracking of your campaigns by your management and accounts team.

Resource #2

Download TemplateMarketing Calendar & Social Media Planner Template


Plan your entire year of marketing strategy, campaigns, activities and social media posts with this free template. Simplify and streamline your marketing campaign preparation and social media planning. This is going to save you many hours of work and research. Our Marketing Calendar provides a clear month-by-month and daily calendar for scheduling marketing campaigns, EDMs and social media posts. The calendar includes all local, state and national holidays, school holidays, religious events, special events and observances. We’ve included moon cycles, zodiac phases, and daily/weekly/monthly information to make planning your marketing campaigns so efficient. As an additional bonus, we have provided an entire month guide of social media post suggestions to power your social media strategy.

Resource #3

Blog Post: Preparing For Your Marketing Campaigns

December is the ideal time to reflect on what was, and prepare for what needs to be, and this blog post will guide you through some of the preparation considerations.

Did your marketing achieve your business objectives in 2017? Were you able to try new marketing platforms, test and measure, and make informed decisions as to what works and doesn’t work when it comes to marketing your particular business?

Have you been able to successfully and correctly measure the attribution and ROI from your marketing activities, or are you still unsure what is working and what isn’t?

Have you improved your marketing efficiency and reduced labour costs, particularly with automation and conversational interfaces (chatbots)?

Did you miss out on available free organic traffic to your business through organic search marketing or social media exposure?

Find out what Toby Creative recommends for your reflections of 2017 and planning for in this article by Toby Creative Team.


Toby Creative are your friendly and affordable Perth marketing agency. We offer a truly integrated marketing strategy, with guidance and support, good communication, clear reporting and useful resources to empower your marketing effectiveness.

Christmas Operating Times

As of 5:30pm, Friday 15th December our business is closed for the Christmas holiday break for two weeks and back open again on Tuesday 2nd January. We have a skeleton staff operating and maintaining systems over the Christmas break and any urgent support requests can be directed to support@tobycreative.com.au. We would like to thank all our clients for a wonderful 2017, and wish everyone a safe and Happy Christmas.

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We would love to meet with you in early January to find out how you went in 2017 and where you would like to go in with your business marketing. Contact Toby Creative – Branding & Marketing now to make a booking for January on 0412 622 262, email info@tobycreative.com.au or fill in our contact form on our website. We offer a no obligation, free initial consultation at your location so that we can discuss your specific marketing requirements and so together we can start effectively planning a marketing strategy that will work for you.

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